Our 5 steps to beard growing goodness.

Beards, no matter what shape or size, are absolutely in season. Facial hair has thrived as a trend off and on for decades, and recently, it’s been on with no sign of stopping anytime soon. So if you are hoping to get in on the action and start growing out a spectacular beard, stay tuned. For first-time beardsmen, you may not even know where to start. There’s a bit more to it than ‘stop shaving.’ To grow a great beard the right way, check out these helpful beard growing tips:

  1. Pick a date, and start fresh.

Some specific timing issue may mandate when you’re able to start your beard growing journey (job, formal event, etc), or maybe you’re ready to get to it right away. Either way, you’ll need to start clean-shaven on day 1. Shave thoroughly and well in order to start your new beard off right (and growing evenly).

  1. Pamper the foundation.

In general, skin care is not really something most guys are into. But, for the sake of your emerging beard, make this a priority. You wouldn’t build a pretty house with a poor foundation, and the same applies here. Maintain the skin in these areas by keeping it nourished and moisturized (coconut oil works great, or you can find what works best for you).

  1. Patience is a virtue.

Not every man grows a thick thatch overnight. It’ll take time to grow your facial hair out, depending on the desired length. Long beards can take months, even with the proper care. You’ll also have to be patient with the initial itchiness.  Our remedy for itchiness is our range of beard oils for sale.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone, most beard-growers note discomfort at the beginning; be persistent in your application of beard oil (6-8 drops a day should do the trick)

  1. pampering.

As the beard hair gets longer, you’ll need to keep focusing heavily on proper beard maintenance to push your beard growth potential. The healthiest beards are washed at least once a week (but not daily) with actual beard shampoo (not typical shampoo), brushed with a beard comb/brush regularly, and even worked through with a good quality argan beard oil. Great beard oils can be found right here on our site. It can seem like a lot of work initially, but men dedicated to maintaining a great beard often find it easy to integrate these habits into their normal routine.

  1. The final product.

Once you’ve gotten your beard to the desired length, you’re ready to shape it! Perhaps you began your journey with a style in mind, or you’re still shopping around for the perfect look. Either way, electric trimmers can do the job with ease – especially if you’re willing to invest a bit. Some of the higher-quality trimmers out there are so good that they practically do it for you. Scissor trimming or visiting your local barbershop are also viable options.

So there you have it – a helpful guide about how to grow a stellar beard. Following these tips and being diligent about the process virtually guarantees you a beard that will slay. For even more beard care tips, check out our other helpful blog articles. You can even browse our growing shop to find some fantastic beard oils!