It’s been a few years since the modern hipster came into our lives and shuffled his way (drainpipe jeans) into our hearts.

Like the first tetrapod trading the sea for land c. 400 million years ago, the first mustachioed 20-something with sleeve tattoos emerged from a real ale tap bar in Shoreditch c. 2010 – except the latter has had a much more profound impact on mankind.

Tatoos, bearded man with tats, hipster beard with tattoo

The hipster scene has become one of the most recognisable – and talked about – modern subcultures. Everyone has an opinion. Whether you identify as one, whether you love them or loathe them, you can’t deny they’ve turned facial hair and beards into an art form, making the beard socially acceptable – cool, even. The hipster look is synonymous with face fuzz

hipster facial hair, beards, beard oil, beard growth

an example of a hipster..note the top knot

I’m not saying that having a waxed mustache or a voluminous lumberjack beard makes you a hipster. I’m saying that they helped bring back facial hair’s legitimacy as a male grooming option. Gaz Coomb’s mutton chops aside, the 90s was dominated by the chiselled jawline – which can only be showcased with a clean shave. The early noughties brought David Beckham-inspired designer stubble – but we were still miles away from being able to be taken seriously with a handlebar mustache. They made it acceptable.

mustache, tash, facial hair, beards, hipster

As brothers in beard we have a lot to thank our trendy cousins for … Oils; shaving accessories, balms, combs and waxes; not being given a disciplinary for wearing a big bushy beard at your white collar office job – all these phenomena owe something to the hipster revolution.

So even if you don’t share their vigor for vintage bicycles, their tenderness for tweed, their pleasure-seeking in plaid shirts, it’s time to doth your cap (flat or otherwise) to our hirsute friends.

So, gentlemen of the world, let’s unite! Get those beards in sight.