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We thought it would be great to get a view on  the perfect fashion choices for specific beard styles and figured Sam from The Man Blueprint would be the ideal guy to give us his two pence on beards and clothing combos.   Check out his views below:

Beard Styles and clothing choices


Beards – easy, right? Just grow it out and the rest takes care of itself. Well…no. Not only do you have to take care of your beard with regular trims and oiling, you have to understand that your style may need to evolve to fit with your facial fuzz changes.

In my opinion, there are three different types of beard. Obviously, there are some in between phases but these are the three main ones that we will all experience.

So, what are the three beard styles?

Heavy stubble beard styles

This stage is usually reached within the first week of growing out the beard and is the popular choice for a lot of men who want an easily maintainable style that looks rugged yet smart and is acceptable in even the strictest of offices.

What do I wear with it?

With heavy stubble, the secret is to go light. Go light with your top most importantly – white pants and socks are optional. You’ve got lots of options; Camel polos, White Tees & Lightweight cream jumpers to name a few. Top these with a leather jacket and throw some blue jeans on and you’re good to go. Shoes and underwear optional.

Thick & fully grown out beard styles

Usually within about 3 weeks you’ll reach a thick, fully grown out beard which may need a little bit more maintenance with shaping, oiling and combing than a simple stubble beard. This one is popular with a lot of models at the moment – think every Asos model ever…

What do I wear with it?

This is definitely the time to take advantage of the model/wannabe badass look. Get your bootiest boots, black jeans and denim jacket out the wardrobe and get ready to become the rugged beast you were born to become.

Put a horizontally striped tee underneath, maybe some turn ups on your trousers and you’re sorted. This look is completely stress free and requires extremely little maintenance – meaning you can put the remaining efforts into maintaining that beautiful pubic patch on your face.

Long (Past fully grown out) beard styles

Usually after about 2 months of growth, you’re on your way to wizardom and you look bloody good doing it. If you choose to, you could literally do nothing to this and it’d still look fantastic. However, I’d recommend shaping the cheeks, trimming the neckline and keeping it soft and #sexy with regular oiling morning and night.

What do I wear with it?

Beards and clothes

Jumpers and darks are going to be your best friend here. You don’t have to draw any attention to the beard here with lights – any attempt at that makes you look like a bit of a pillock.

Definitely the winter option of the three beards here so this is reflected in the style. Wear heavy knit jumpers (Alpaca wool is a personal favourite), smart trousers (chequered & pattern trousers are good here) and lace up boots or Oxfords.

The three main beard types and how to look sexy AF while rocking them, can’t say fairer than that can you? Obviously, these looks aren’t exclusive to just these types of beard and can be interlinked but the styles outlined will definitely be the best for bringing out the best of the stage you’re at.

Trust me, I sometimes have a beard and wear clothes.


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