Essential Beard Maintenance Products for Complete Beard Care

Essential Beard Maintenance Products for Complete Beard Care For those serious about growing and maintaining a great beard, a collection of essential beard maintenance products is a must. Too many people think of beards as the result of someone who just doesn’t feel like shaving, when in reality, growing a great beard is something a […]

Beard Maintenance Isn’t A Pain. Find Out How To Maintain Your Beard

Beard Maintenance With ThatchFace

Beard Maintenance Is Always Worth The Investment With the hundreds of awesome beard grooming products on the market nowadays, keeping your beard perfectly maintained has never been easier. There are a lot of differences between proper care of your hair and proper care of your beard. Below you’ll find an extensive guide on different products […]

Argan Oil for Beards – A Wonder Ingredient

So What is Argan Oil and why should I use it in my beard? Argan oil, also known as Moroccan oil, is derived from the fruit of the slow-growing Argan tree. This nutritious, beneficial oil is extracted from the nut(s) found inside the fruit and is used natively for dietary, cosmetic, and even medical purposes. […]

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