Choosing the Best Beard Trimmer for Christmas 2018

Its a difficult time of year for present buying beardy lovers.  Do you go with that pair of novelty socks?  Maybe the beard baubles?  How about a craft beer set (which is still and awesome gift!)  One present to consider is a glorious beard trimming device!  We’ve trawlled the beautiful interweb to find you 3 of our favourite options out there at varying price ranges.  Take a look at our thoughts below.

  1. Philips Series 5000 11-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit

This little number is one of the average priced beard trimmers out there.  It comes with great features including self sharpening and 11 attachments to suit all beard and stubble styles.  In addition to the bells and whistles the Phillips Series 5000 is waterproof so you’ve nothing to worry about if this gets wet.   A full charge runs for around 80 minutes, which is plenty of time to tame your thatch.

  1. Remmington Vaccum Beard Trimmer

Picture this… You’re trimming your beard and the hair is flying all over the sink or floor and you need to grab the hoover (or vaccum cleaner) to cover your tracks.  Well our dear friends Remmington have solved this problem for you by strapping a small vaccum to a set of beard trimmers.  This vaccum beard trimmer has an adjustable length guard (from 2mm to 18mm) so ideal for the neater beard lovers out there.  Its got a 60 minute run time from only 2 hours charge so will get through a couple of decent length trimming sessions before needing a recharge.  In terms of price it tips the scale towards the pricier mark but simple for its time saving vaccum it gets our vote.

  1. Panasonic ER-GB42 Wet & Dry Beard Trimmer

Panasonic’s offering for the beardy brigade is the ER-GB42.  What makes this beard trimmer great is the ability to use it wet or dry (so using shaving foam for down to the skin cuts and lining jobs).  Its fairly standard in terms of offering and has 20 cutting lengths built in (selectable with a handy dial built into the body of the trimmer.  It takes 8 hours to charge to full power and runs for 40 minutes in total (so not the best for epic length beard trimming jobs).  It gets our vote though for the price mark and would suit a stocking filler beard trimming gift.

The Wrap Up (Get it….)

The beard trimmer market is full to the brim with brilliant choices for your beard grooming needs.  Make sure to do your research.  Read the reviews (especially on Amazon) and make an informed decision.  We’ve chosen our favourite 3 of the bunch and linked through for your viewing pleasure.