Essential Beard Maintenance Products for Complete Beard Care

Essential Beard Maintenance Products for Complete Beard Care

For those serious about growing and maintaining a great beard, a collection of essential beard maintenance products is a must. Too many people think of beards as the result of someone who just doesn’t feel like shaving, when in reality, growing a great beard is something a lot of dudes are passionate about. Just like the hair on your head, a healthy beard requires special care.

What Should Be In my Beard Maintenance Kit?

  1. Included in your beard maintenance toolbox should be a bottle of beard oil. Applying this regularly helps keep your beard strong and the skin underneath from getting dry and flaking. The best beard oils imitate the natural oils of your actual skin. On top of hydrating and conditioning your whiskers, plenty of beard oils leave it with a pleasant aroma (you’re welcome, ladies).
  2. Second in your arsenal should be beard shampoo. Yes, beard shampoo. Facial hair is different from head hair, and you really shouldn’t be using the same shampoo to clean both. Head hair needs less oil, and beard hair needs more. There are plenty of great beard shampoos on the market that will help keep it conditioned properly.
  3. Your beard kit is not complete without a beard brush, as well. This is another example of an item you don’t want to substitute. Using a regular old hairbrush will not be friendly to your beard. The most popular type of bristle for beard care is a boar hair brush, and for good reason. Regular brushing with this type of bristle helps keep the beard soft, but it won’t pull painfully through your beard like other types will. This beard care product is pretty mobile, and can be used anywhere you go.
  4. Of course, your manscaping collection would not be complete without an electric beard trimmer. There are a ton of different options on the market, depending on your beard length and precision preferences. Most decent trimmers come with a bunch of different length settings, speeds, and other goodies like charging ports and LED displays. Cordless trimmers will cost a bit more, but their added convenience tends to be worth the extra money. Do plenty of research before deciding on a trimmer by reading product descriptions and reviews to ensure you’re getting the one that’s right for you.

The beard maintenance products mentioned prior to this point are examples of things that are more on the necessary side. Some fun accessories that are maybe not super crucial for everyday care are items like beard scissors, beard balm, and beard wax. The specially-made scissors can come in handy for those with fuller manes, but for the most part, electric trimmers can handle most of the job. Beard balm is another product that facilitates hydration, so it’s not totally essential unless you specifically struggle with dryness. Beard wax is purely for aesthetic; it is basically the equivalent of hair gel, and is used when a bearded fellow wishes to mold his beard into a certain place or shape. Regardless, all beard enthusiasts should make sure these items make the cut.

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