4 Steps to Growing a Beard

So you’ve decided to have a go at growing a beard. Perhaps your lady friend prefers a bearded fellow, or you need to build some cred with the boys. Maybe you just want to test your limits. Regardless of your beardly motivations, you’ve come to the right place.

Growing a beard is undeniably masculine. They’ve been a symbol of masculinity since cavemen first started messing with fire. In past decades, they were military symbols and statements of power. Today, they’re mostly just stylish – but we’re excited to invite you to the club.

Good beards take a bit more work than just putting away the razor for a few months and enjoying a few extra minutes of free time in the morning. Facial hair is coarser and takes more care to manage than head hair. So if you’re ready to take the plunge and commit to adding some time to your daily hygiene routine, check out these steps to growing a great beard:

1. Decision time.

Time To Start Growing a Beard









Be honest with yourself; beards are not for everyone, and you should fully think it through. Consider your genetics and past experiences. Are you doomed to a patchy mug, or is there potential for a full masterpiece?

The first week is the hardest. It will be itchy, and it probably won’t look great. If you’ve ever buzzed your hair short then decided to grow it back out, you’re already familiar with the awkward interim feeling. Be strong and don’t shave that annoying beginner’s stubble.

2. Get the right tools to groom a beard.

Beards require a grooming kit. Awesome beard kits contain items like beard brushes (made of boar bristles), beard shampoo, beard oil, beard balm/wax, beard conditioner, and a great trimmer or pair of scissors. The type of trimmer you want will depend on what your hair’s like and the style of beard you’re going for. Do plenty of research on the various brands and types before making a selection.

3. Keep it in the lines.

As your new beard grows, don’t let it turn into an awkward neckbeard (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Resist the urge to trim the beard itself, but feel free to maintain the edges.

4. Take care of the skin.

Your skin will need some time to get used to this new arrangement. In the meantime, keep it hydrated with beard conditioner and beard oil. This will keep that skin from drying out and flaking, and allow for healthier follicles. Beard owners in harsher climates have an even bigger priority to keep hydrated, as dry beards/skin don’t grow real well.

As it gets longer, keep it clean. There are plenty of great beard shampoos on the market. Use your favorite one anywhere from 3-5 times weekly to keep that growing beard clean and healthy. There are oils contained in most beard products that are believed to stimulate hair growth (i.e. Argan oil).

You are ready to start growing that new beard! Be sure to check out our awesome line of beard oils to keep it looking nice and shiny.