Secrets to a Soft Beard all year long

Getting a Soft beard is not that hard.  And for the most part, no one really wants a rough, scraggly beard. It doesn’t look as nice, and it won’t be as tempting to touch (wink wink). Compared to head hair, beard hair is much coarser and trickier to tame. Whether you’re just now growing a new beard or you’re inspired to soften an established beard, there are plenty of tips to help you achieve that gentler texture. So why does your beard have all the comfort of sandpaper?  Take a look at just a few of the causes of a rough beard and how to stop it from happening.

Dirty Beards Stink For Soft Beard Status

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One of the things that might be keeping your beard rough is dirtiness. To put it simply, beards tend to be unclean. They’re in close contact with food, and many people run their fingers through it absentmindedly, which spreads germs and dirt. Without regular washing, all of these contaminants live in your beard and add to its mangy look.

Dry Beards Are Not Soft Beards

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Men who live in dry, arid, and/or cold climates, listen up. The lack of moisture in the air could be playing a role in your beard’s wild streak. Folks who live in these environments must take extra care to make sure the beard is well-moisturized.

Split Ends Are the Enemy Of Soft Beards

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Split ends are not just for ladies, and not just for your head. Any hair that is not well taken care of is prone to split ends, which lead to a general unkempt look. Avoiding these with regular cleaning and conditioning makes your beard look more sleek and healthy.

Being Dehydrated Can Have An Affect On Your Beard Too

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Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and not getting enough of it has an effect on every part of our bodies – beards included. Not drinking enough water doesn’t provide the hair enough nutrition to grow healthy and strong, making rather for coarser, wiry bristles.


So How to Soften Your Beard For That Touchable Softness

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The best way to easily get a soft beard is with a premium beard oil. Awesome premium beard oils like the ones you’ll find at ThatchFace are designed to mimic your skin’s natural oils, keeping the coarse hair moisturized. In addition to softening the actual beard, it also helps take care of the skin underneath (also important to reduce the level of thatch dandruf from the flaking skin due to dryness).

Next best thing you do is regularly clean the thing. You shouldn’t shampoo it every day, but shoot for somewhere between 2-3 times per week. And don’t use your significant others shampoo – this job calls for actual beard shampoo (yes, this is real and specifically formulated for the unique problems that come with beards). Key point: do not leave any residue. Rinse well!

Invest in a nice beard brush. Again, don’t use the spouse’s hairbrush. These brushes are specially made for beards, and they actually help spread around healthy oils and get rid of dead skin trapped underneath that glorious facial thatch. All of these tips and tricks come together to help give you a softer, more touchable beard. Use it well.