I was shocked to see that Grover from Sesame Street has finally flipped and done something unimaginable.  Take a look at the video below and you’ll see what I mean (I’ll wait..):

Errr what?!?! Did Grover just drop the F-bomb infront of the masses of innocent kids out there enjoying the educational awesomeness that is Sesame Street?  After watching this multiple times (whilst wiping away tears of joy from the hilarity of it) I believe it says the more PC version  of “Yes, yes. That sounds like an excellent idea.”

Gutted.  I was looking forward to a new dawn in Sesame Street where violence has descended on the street and Big Bird has become high overlord.  Burt and Ernie would be leading the resistance with Oscar in his modified trash can tank.  Many lives would be lost in an effort to tackle the diabolical big bird  (RIP count).