Stroking my beard on the sofa, it struck me…

I was sat on the sofa with my wife a few months back watching an episode of game of thrones when a question struck me on beard popularity. Have box sets such as Game of Thrones (which features about the same amount of grizzly beards as it does grizzly endings) contributed to the continually rising popularity of beard adoption globally.

The male grooming market is worth an estimated £22.6 billion per year globally with massive growth markets in the middle east, India, and the US. Beard adoption is on the rise but also the number of men taking the time to maintain and develop their facial hair is steadily rising as products such as beard oils, trimmers, beard and moustache wax and beard wash (shampoo) and conditioners become more acceptable to the market.

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I believe the (rightful) glorification of beards in popular TV shows such as Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead and other such delights has eased the adoption of products that historically may have been looked at in disdain and would have drawn mocking blows from the wider wolf pack bearded legends operate within. Taking Game of Thrones as a key example again, the amount of manly men running around sword fighting, horse riding, getting women (come on we all know what you really watch Game Of Thrones for…) and generally being legends cements in the mind of the male viewership that joining the bearded ranks will make them equally bad ass in the eyes of the world.

For me I think the more men that embark on the quest for beardy glory the better. As I mentioned before in this very beard blog, growing a beard should be celebrated and embraced by both men and women (through supporting the choice) as possible.
So what do you think, dear reader? Do you agree with this humble beard blog? Think we can blame Game of Thrones and other TV shows for the Thatch uprising we are experiencing?